Starlux Airlines hornored "Best Engineer of the Year 2023"


On January 9, 2024, on the first meeting of the new year, the representative of Starlux Airlines, Mr. Elvis Chao (the head representative in Da Nang), honored and awarded the "Best Engineer of the Year 2023" certificate to Mr. Phan Anh Tuấn - an engineer of the Da Nang Line Maintenance Center for his effective contributions and dedication to his work.

Since becoming VAECO’s engineer in 2010, Mr. Phan Anh Tuấn has accumulated significant experience and currently holds B1 certifications for Airbus A321 and Boeing B787 aircraft.

Being honored and receiving recognition from JX has contributed to enhancing the quality, reputation, and trust of customers in the services provided by VAECO. It also encourages the professional engineers at VAECO to continue learning, striving, and improving their professional skills in serving customers.

Currently, Starlux Airlines operates flights to various destinations such as Macau, Penang, Bangkok, Osaka, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, and Ho Chi Minh City. Starlux Airlines began operating in Da Nang in 2020, and after the challenging period of the pandemic, the airline has resumed operations with a frequency of 2 flights per day. By April 2024, the airline plans to open additional flights to Taichung with a frequency of 3 flights per week.